Prizes (yes, I said PRIZES) at the #JoziBloggerMeetUp

Thank you to everyone who responded to the bloggers invite  that Angie, Tash and I put out last week! We can’t wait to meet you all in real life and just to make Wednesday even sweeter here are some spot prizes we are giving away on the night.

“How will it work?”, we hear you say.

This is how – When you arrive you will each get a number, then during the evening we will be drawing random digits out of a hat and if yours is called then one of these lovelies will be all yours.

Yes, we have not 1 but 2 Kodak digital cameras and 3 x ghd Iconic Eras of Style handbags and a YEARS supply of Pringles and a Living & Loving Pamper Hamper (cool beauty products, NOT nappies!) and 5 x Snack Factory gift bags and 5 x Canderel gift bags and finally a months free coffee at Wolves!

So get your blogging hats on and come say hi to us on the 13th of July at Wolves Cafe on Corlett Drive. It all starts at 6pm xxx

16 thoughts on “Prizes (yes, I said PRIZES) at the #JoziBloggerMeetUp

  1. Sounds lovely! And if I hadn’t already said I’d be there, this would definitely have changed my mind 😀

    Can’t wait to meet new people 😀

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  3. A year’s supply of pringles? They clearly don’t know how many pringles i’ve been known to consume in 1 day.. 😉

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