My Boy

After a night of rambunctious “Max & Luca Time”, which included sushi, vomming up a little bit of sushi, milk, KFC “Pops”, plumber’s butt and much splashing and giggling in the bath, Tanya and I finally slowed the boys down long enough to have a moment to … well, to just sit. Tanya said of Luca, “You know, Luca is a lot like you. In the beginning you seem quiet and unassuming …” I smiled and agreed, before completing her sentence with, “But once you open the floodgates, you’re in for a world of trouble!”

Yes, my little Monkey is like me in SO many ways. Max walks in the front door and before he has a chance to find his feet, Luca has grabbed him by the arm and drags him off somewhere, announcing “Let’s go there Max!” or “Come Max … come!” He’s a proper little bossy boots, just like me. My friends and husband will attest to that fact. Not bossy in a bad way … just very keen on taking charge at any given point 🙂

I just feel sorry for his little brother (who is still unnamed as of right now) who will be bossed around by his brother until he is big enough to tell him to bugger off.

I love my boy.

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