And then there were 3.5 …


In all the years that Dave has been gallivanting in Vegas, this year I missed him the most. Not only because he is always there, dropping and fetching, hunting and gathering, putting up with all my shit … but because he really is my other half.

Just before he left, we went out for an impromptu dinner at one of his favourite spots, Turn ‘n Tender, Parktown North. We got a cosy little table in the back of the PACKED restaurant and ordered ourselves some red wine and amazing steaks. We had the most incredible evening … just us two. We talked … we talked like we haven’t talked in ages. You know how life just gets busy and you forget to say out loud, those things that you think when you realise how important someone is to you? Well, we said those things … and it made me cry BIG, HAPPY “Snoopy” tears (you know, how Snoopy used to cry – tears flying out in all directions? Yes? No? Never mind … ) into my glass of wine. We held hands over the table and talked about how happy we were and how excited we both are for the arrival of our baby boy in October – for 3 to be 4. It is certainly something to think these things, to yourself. But to have your husband, your partner, the one you trust with your life and without whom you can’t imagine that life, reiterate those sentiments and to let you know that he feels the same way as you … now that’s special.

And so … after that amazing evening, my PIC departed for 2 weeks. 14 (actually 15) solid days. I won’t lie – I had HEAPS of help from Beauty, Murray (#2’s Godfather and my GBF), Tanya & Max and daily emotional support (i.e. listening to me cry my eyes out) from my colleagues. But it’s just not the same when you can’t pick up the phone to that one person who you’re used to speaking to 100 times a day, some days, and just say “Hi babe … I’m having a CRAP day. Just tell me that it will all be okay?”

The 9 hour time difference killed me. Luca missed his Daddy more than I think his Daddy even knows. I felt like I didn’t stop rushing around for 5 minutes, I wasn’t sleeping well and neither was Luca. It just wasn’t fun at all.

BUT! He’s back … and I’m looking forward to this weekend with my boys and my bump (and my newΒ  iPad 2!) more than I’ve ever looked forward to anything in my WHOLE life.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend too … and TELL the ones you love OUT LOUD that you love them. Tell them over and over … and feel that love in your heart.

19 thoughts on “And then there were 3.5 …

  1. Such a great post and so true. Have a great weekend with your boys Nix. LOL Ps congrats you VERY clever, young lady x

  2. You have such a gorgeous little family (to go with the cutest pregnancy bump I have ever seen- just had to say it!). Glad your man is back. Mine works in Harrismith during the week and I feel like I live a half life when he is not here.

  3. While I was “chin chilling” with my partner this weekend I actually thought of you and was hoping that you had the most amazing weekend ever!!

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