They heard it through the grapevine!

WOW! Since Wednesday’s incredible #JoziBloggerMeetup at Wolves Cafe, I popped all of the blog URLs of the people who attended (which you can find at the bottom of my “The Great #JoziBloggerMeetup Success” post) into my Google Reader. With 50 people in attendance, that’s a LOT of blogs and let me just say that we have an active bunch of bloggers in Jozi! So freaking awesome! Every time I look at my reader, there are at least 10-20 new posts for me to indulge in, which suits me just fine now that I have my snazzy (yes, I’m old – I use the word “snazzy”) new iPad 2 to read them on! WOO!

Subscribing to everyone’s blogs also gave me the chance to find out how you all found out about our little shindig: finding out first hand from Angie, Tash or I, reblogging Tash, Angie or my initial blog posts, Twitter retweets, Facebook posts and even a link on the Marie Clairvoyant blog! How flipping cool is that? Marie Claire letting people know about it? AMAZEBALLS!

Even Cape Town blogger, The Reluctant Mom, had a little bit of Johannesburg envy because she was going to miss out!

Other than that, good old word-of-mouth got this baby going … it went viral! People chatted about it online, saying “I saw it on so-and-so’s blog and it sounds pretty cool!” And this is what we wanted to happen. And it worked! What was even more astounding to me, was overhearing a conversation while I was frantically writing out name tags for people as they were walking in. I heard a conversation that went something like this:

“So, this is pretty cool, huh?”

“Yes! Really awesome seeing so many new people – people whose blogs I’ve been reading for such a long time!”

“I wonder when they’ll do the next one?”

And that’s about the moment my heart started palpitating! “The next one”??? People thought it was going THAT well? Apparently so! Here are some of the amazing blog posts that I’ve been reading since Thursday morning – bloggers raving about how cool it was, how awesome it was to meet so many new people and also just spending time with old friends – “real life” friends, and friends “from inside the computer”. Love them all and thanks to each and every one of you for the kind words!!!

“Bloggers Unite” – A Seed of Thought 

“Bloggers Night Out” – Button Candy 
“#JoziBloggerMeetup” – City Girl Searching 
“Bloggers Meet Up & Drink Up” – EmmaJaneNation 
“Awoooooo!” – From Near The Moon 
“So What’s Your Blog About?” – It was a Good Day 
“Bloggers Tea Party!” – Just Let Them Eat Cake 
“I’ve never had so many girls look at my left boob” – Just a Girl Who Likes Words  
“Joburg Bloggers Evening was BA-NA-NAS!” – Med Student Barbie 
“Hello…my name is … Nunuza :)” – NuNuZa 
“Hi Blogger Friends – Hi Cake – Hi Prizes – Hi Fun!” – QuirkyKindaCool 
“Wolves” – Remember When We Were Young 
“The Day the JHB Bloggosphere Stood Still” – Second Floor Living 
“What a Night!” – Tan32                    
“Blogger Meet & Greet at Wolves Cafe” – The Angelheaded Hipster 
“An Eye-Opener of a Blogging Evening” – The Real Jenty
 “…what’s up? This pretty camera, in my hand! That’s what’s up!” – Truthful Observations 
And finally, some of the my favourite snippets from a couple of these posts: 
“Thank you to the three amazeball, blogger girls, that organized and hosted the event, Nicki, Natasha and Angie! The evening was a HUGE success!”
“… not only was it totally awesome meeting such lovely faces from the blog and twitter world but I won the most AMAZING camera ever!!!”
“Early on a recent Wednesday evening, a group of 50 enquiring souls streamed into the wonder that is Wolves for a night of wine, socializing, prizes and a red velvet cupcake or two.  The reason I hear you ask? Well, three friends had an idea, an idea which would shake the very ground that Jo’burg stands upon. An idea to hold a get together for all those bloggers residing in the city of gold…”
“I really had no idea how many Joburg bloggers there were!”
“Last night under the light of the almost full moon a pack of fiercely awesome people converged at Wolves.  It was the blogger meet up of the year!”
“Big ups to the few guys that were there as well, the room was totally dominated by women, so spread the word for the next event. And as Paul Clark said: “I’m going to tell all the men in Jo’burg where to find a room full of intelligent women.””
“Awkward greetings soon turned into long conversations, giggles and friendships made. I had such a lovely time, drank lots of wine, ate delicious red velvet cupcakes and discovered new and exciting blogs to follow!”
“I loved how friendly and real everyone was!”
“Last night, I had the fun-tastic pleasure of attending the first ever bloggers meet-up at Wolves Cafe, Illovo … can’t wait for the next one!”
“From time to time it’s good to put yourself out there and climb out of your comfort zone. I’m really glad I went and it really was a night to remember and hopefully the first of many more get togethers.”
“Let me begin this post by saying that I’m still smiling from last night. It was one of those nights when you leave more inspired leaving than you were going in.”
“Firstly, I have to say that I LOVED that there were so many bloggers there that I didn’t know.  I LOVE that there’s a resurgence in blogging locally, and that people want to tell their stories.”
I will stop there … mainly because I think I’m probably boring you to death and also because it’s 23:31 and I should probably get to bed. Angie, Tash – GREAT job gals! I’m super proud of us and loved doing this with you both!

12 thoughts on “They heard it through the grapevine!

  1. Love the use of “snazzy”. My dad uses that word a lot and he turns 60 on Monday. I also realised I need serious computer help, I have never heard of Google Reader. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Wish I could have been there — so very green with envy and jealousy …. you guys sound like you totally rocked it, way cool chicks xxx

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