I haven’t done a Wordless Wednesday in ages – because, quite frankly, I’ve had SO much to blog about! Between the #JoziBloggerMeetup and the Kidzworld Mommy Bloggers Competition, it’s all been happening!

So … for today, I’ll slow it down with a meme. I simply Googled “Wednesday meme” and found this pretty image for “WILW” – “What I’m Loving Wednesday”. So here’s what I’m currently loving this week:

The Davines Melu shampoo & conditioner I was advised to buy (i.e. my hair looked like SH!T on Saturday by Stacey at Carlton Hair at The Zone, Rosebank. She washed my hair with it before my trim & blow-dry and my hair felt AMAZEBALLS. I managed to restrain myself from washing my hair on Sunday (I am a little OCD when it comes to washing my hair, much to its detriment) and only washed it on Monday night. After drying and straightening it, it STILL feels AMAZEBALLS! Win-win!

The new, improved Full Stop Café in Parktown North! We went for a quick bite to eat on Monday night and we were so surprised by how awesome the new venue is! My initial thought, upon hearing that this institution was moving away from the bustle that is 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, was “BIG MISTAKE!” But let me tell you – the gorgeously renovated house with high pressed ceilings and wooden floors that they now occupy at 50-7th Avenue, Parktown North is incredible. There are two “private” sections available to book out for functions and a big outside area. Now, Full Stop used to have that outside area on 4th Avenue, but it was on the street. So as a parent, taking your kids there was a big no-no. I am often put off of breakfast at any restaurant on 4th Avenue for this reason. You know how kids are? One second they’re right next to you and the next, they’re dashing off at the speed of light! Gina’s recent post about a kid running out into the road, in front of her car, will give you an idea of this scary reality … but, I digress. Full Stop now has a huge outside area which would be PERFECT for Saturday/Sunday morning breakfasts with kids – as they are completely safe in the enclosed garden area. Can’t wait for Spring to return so we can give it a try!  Find them on Facebook here to keep up with events happening at the new venue, which recently included a Sunday lamb spit braai – YUM!

The Mothercare range at Woolworths, specifically this rosehip and borage stretch mark oil. I didn’t get any stretch marks at all with Luca (I guess I should thank good genes and my body-weight in Bio Oil for that!) and plan to achieve the same with #TheMole (good lord, this poor child needs a real name) this time around. On Sunday night my Bio Oil ran out, so on Monday I headed out with the intention of buying another bottle at Clicks. While I was at Woolies, however, I noticed that the Mothercare range also include “mommy-products” so I had a little look-see. I bought this stretch mark oil and used it on Monday night and I don’t think my skin has EVER felt this soft and supple during our dry Jozi winters! Love it! Plus it smells amazing, which is great! Will definitely use their products on myself and #The Mole once he’s arrived 🙂


It’s no secret that I love a good competition! I enter just about any (free) competition that crosses my path, because my motto when it comes to these things is “IN IT TO WIN IT!” And it’s paid off a couple of times! So when I stumbled upon Winstuff.co.za, I was beside myself with excitement. I loaded their RSS feed into my Reader and now every evening I browse through the new posts for the day and enter whatever takes my fancy! What’s great is that they let you know, up front, which entries are free, require registration or payment. So you know what you’re in for before you start filling in pages of forms. Read more about them on their website and get cracking on entering! You know you’ve got to be IN IT TO WIN IT!!! 🙂

My boys … and having them both home and back to normal. Well, Luca is back to normal now that his Daddy’s home … but Daddy’s still struggling with jet-lag after his travels back from Vegas via London last week. Poor Papi can’t keep his eyes open past 6:30pm and is then awake at around 4am. Nightmare … I got some sneaky video of him, all narcolepsy-like in bed last night on my iPad … teehee! 🙂

That’s about it for now … life is good! Working hard and looking forward to a couple of things, including an overnight visit to the Hoogland Health Hydro next week ALL BY MYSELF! Well … me, my iPad and a couple of ebooks from Kalahari.net!

Happy Wednesday!

12 thoughts on “WILW

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  2. I love love love tips, and this post was jam packed- thanks! I saw full stop over the weekend and thought it looked so lovely will definitely go there- we need a garden restaurant near parkhurst!

  3. I used to frequent at Full Stop when it first opened in Melville. I definitely have to try out their new venue especially if it’s kiddy friendly. Thanks for the heads up Nicci!

    Enjoy your night away and your new ipad 🙂

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