#WINNING & ghd … two of my favourite things! Thanks in advance, StyleScoop!

Oh hells yeah! Now this is the kind of bandwagon I like to jump on!

A couple of the bloggers that I now follow (all thanks to the #JoziBloggerMeetup!) have posted about this AMAZEBALLS competition from StyleScoop – the most recent one by CityGirlSearching was the one that pushed me over the edge. I NEED one of these limited edition “Iconic Eras” ghd stylers!

This is how the competition works:

If You’re a Blogger

Spread the love for StyleScoop and ghd on your blog and you could be one of the two lucky winners! All you have to do is blog anything and then comment on this post with the link so they can see it. Your blog post must have the words “StyleScoop” and “ghd” written in the title.  Go wild, go crazy, but remember to include the words StyleScoop and ghd in the title of your post to make it valid.

On Facebook

Here they’ll be giving away only one styler. To enter you must like their page between 15 July – 15 August 2011 and get interactice with them! Comment on posts, give them your input and well, just be heard! They’ll be watching their wall every day to see who really deserves the Styler. So make every effort you can to stand out! And just FYI: begging doesn’t count! (And it’s not pretty either, so just don’t do it!)

Why not follow them on Twitter too!

Let’s get #WINNING!!!

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