A brand new day …

As a mother, I’ve learnt to expect nothing. Sound odd? Read on.

If you expect something (i.e. a certain outcome or result) when it comes to kids and parenthood, you will get the exact opposite result. You will be taught a harsh lesson and be forced to learn, quickly and on your toes, from that lesson.A simple example, which has come round to bite me in the butt a couple of times, is EXPECTING Luca to sleep till a certain time. As soon as I EXPECT it, it is NOT so. But, we live and we learn.

Today’s Brave Girls Club emailer really struck a chord with me this morning … it’s another NEW day – a new day to learn new things and to do your very best, without expectation. Aren’t we lucky to get a new day, EVERY day?

*Click on the image to view the mailer online

Make it great!

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