I still love The Temper Trap. I think that their album, Conditions, will be to #2 what Amos Lee’s Amos Lee, Supply & Demand and Last Days at The Lodge were to Luca. To this day, any of the songs on those 3 albums remind me of my pregnancy with Luca. I used to pop headphones over my belly and lie on the couch in the winter sun, letting Amos’ jazzy, soulful voice sing to my unborn baby.

I set the video clip that Dave took of Luca’s first “taxi ride” from the theatre to the maternity ward nursery, to Amos Lee’s Colours. To this day, it still moves me to tears. Here it is for you to “ooh and aah” to. I love it when Dave talks to him … “Hello baby!”

While I’m on the topic of videos – I’m also loving the 8mm App for iPhone. Thanks Angie for pointing it out to me 🙂 The iTunes description of this awesome app reads:

8mm Vintage Camera brings your iPhone and iPod Touch back in time to capture the beauty and magic of old school vintage movies. By mixing and matching films and lenses, you can recreate the atmosphere of those bygone eras with 42 timeless retro looks. Dust & scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, frame jitters – all can be instantly added with a single tap or swipe.

And that’s just it. Old school look, feel and sound. What’s not to love? I can’t wait to make memories with BOTH of our baby boys using this app soon 🙂 In the mean time, here’s our super-annoying cat, Becks, waiting for her invitation to climb into bed with me. Hello kitty!

That’s all for now folks – a busy two days ahead for me and then 9 days of nothing but me, Dave, Luca, Stacey & Ellie and whatever else I feel like doing … yes please! NO WORK FTW!

2 thoughts on “WILW#2

  1. Nicki, I had to stop your video half way through because I nearly started crying right here in my office. I’m not a mommy but dayam, your baby boy was/is beautiful!

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