Show me + Moomie = Yoomi!

That really doesn’t make much sense at all … let me explain!

Moomie, a South African parenting forum, has asked Sharon, Natasha and I to judge a little competition on their website. It’s a competition with amazing prizes and requires more than just submitting any old picture or just ticking a box and clicking “SEND”. You’ve gotta give this one some thought, see?

The theme of the competition is “If I had more time in my day, I would …” – something almost EVERY mother thinks to herself on an almost daily basis, no? YES!

Sheesh, I am always going (at least) 100 miles an hour and I often find myself wondering how I manage it all and what I would do with a couple of extra hours (heck, even minutes) in each day. Let me tell you … with #2 arriving in just over two months time, I am wondering if there will EVER be enough time in the day to do everything!

But … let’s just say that we were each given a couple of minutes of “extra time” each day … what would YOU do with that time?

How do you enter?

To enter the competition, you need to register to be a member on Moomie – which takes a couple of minutes online. As an added bonus, you get a free sample of a Mom2B product when you register! Once you’ve registered, take a picture of what you’d do with your “extra time”, reply to this thread and post your picture along with a caption explaining what you’d do with your extra time! Be creative, think out of the box and go wild. Nothing is off limits! Remember to add “insert” after attaching your file!

What can you win?

1st Prize:

A gift combo from Yoomi, including 2 x 140ml Bottles, 2 x Yoomi warmers, 2 x slow flow teats, 2 x 240ml feeding bottles, 2 x medium flow teats and a warmth within Little Lamb or Moomi, worth R850! I have seen a demo of these incredible bottles, and let me just tell you, they will change your life! I am totally going to get my mitts on them for #2. Self-heating bottles, for those bleary-eyed, middle of the night feeds? YES PLEASE!


2nd & 3rd Prize – a 15% discount voucher for any Yoomi products.

And a bonus prize of a R300 Poetry voucher for the best/motivating vote.

Sounds pretty cool, yes?

The In’s, Out’s, How’s, Why’s and When’s … aka, “The Fine Print”

  • Entries are open 1-26 August.
  • You can enter as many times as you want.
  • One photo per post.
  • Photos must have a title i.e. “Me cleaning the toilet, because I have more time on my hands.” (But PLEASE, don’t tell me that you would clean toilets in your extra time!!!)
  • A judging panel, made up of three fabulous bloggers (Moomie’s words, not mine!), will choose 15 finalists. The bloggers are Sharon from I Believe in Miracles, Natasha from Raising Men and Nicki from Life with Luca.
  • The pictures will be featured on the Yoomi fan page from 29 August.
  • Voting will take place from 30 August until 9 September on the Yoomi fan page. 
  • Voters will have to write “vote” and one sentence on why they like the picture or idea best. 
  • Public votes count to 50% of the votes and make sure you get on to the short list – the three bloggers will be casting the “final vote” so it is all about a great photo and what makes them laugh.
  • Only one vote per picture per person will be allowed. 
  • Winners will be announced and featured on all three blogs, as well as the Yoomi fan page.
And that’s it! All you’ve got left to do is get your husband/partner/talented pooch/self-timer on your camera to take a picture of you showing us what YOU’D do with YOUR extra time, register on Moomie and load your entry! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!
For updates on the competition, check out Moomie’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages. While you’re online, check out the Yoomi SA and Poetry Facebook pages too!

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