Where I’m at

Because I’m too lazy to actually type out a full blog post, and would rather climb onto the couch and watch The Green Mile … here is a bullet point break-down (interspersed with Instagram pics, of course) of what’s happened in my life since my last post, 8 days ago:

  • I’m one of three judges on the Moomie website, for a competition … click here to read the post on this, enter and stand a chance to win!
  • I’ve been spending loads of time with my original BFF (my first friend in South Africa) Stacey, and her baby girl, Ellie. From visits to Serendipity and Papachino’s, lunches at Mugg & Bean and Vovo Telo and walks at the Jo’burg Zoo, we’ve done loads. And I’ve loved it. Ellie is such a precious little pickle and I cherish the time I get to spend with Stace. Her husband Adam stole her away from us but luckily she comes home to see us (they live in the UK) often … love having them here!
  • I took this last week off work – to spend the time with Stacey and Ellie, and obviously also Luca. He’s on school holidays at the moment (FOR THREE WHOLE WEEKS!) and I thought I’d be a good mom and spend some QT with him. Well, I have loved my time with him but I am seriously looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I don’t know how full-time SAHM’s or work-from-home moms do it. I guess if I’d taken the leave while he was at school, it would have been different. This was 9 solid days of him and I. 24/7. There were moments when I thought to myself, “SWEET BABY JESUS – HOW am I going to cope with two?” and then there were moments when I couldn’t have possibly loved him more – when he would hug me sweetly and plant big smooches on my lips. Toddlers are nothing short of torrid. Luca can go from insanely happy to completely distraught in a matter of seconds. It’s exhausting! Nursery school/playgroup teachers are my new heroes. To spend 4-5 hours EVERY day with 10-15 of these little people; constantly dealing with the mood-switching and temper tantrums day in and day out? I know I would lose my marbles after a day or two! Every mother is different. I know that I could not, without a shadow of a doubt, spend all day long with kids. Mine or someone else’s.
  • I am 31 weeks pregnant today. WHERE have the past 6 months gone?! We have a scan tomorrow and will also be booking the hospital bed for the c-section. I’m looking forward to knowing when this is all going down! Although, after speaking to a new second-time mom today, I am somewhat nervous about #2 (yes, he is STILL without a name) coming early. Hoping that it all goes as smoothly as it did with Luca!

  • Sam Robinson from Sabio Communications, invited me to join her and a bunch of other amazing ladies at the #KleenexGirlsNightOut on Wednesday, where we were treated to popcorn, goodie bags and, as Tanya so perfectly put it, Ryan Gosling’s abs. The movie itself (Crazy, Stupid, Love) was fantastic … I loved every second. Steve Carell is phenomenal, Emma Stone a legend in the making and Ryan … well … he’s … *sigh* .. nuff said. The movie also made me think though – it made me grateful for my relationship. My marriage. Dave and I have been together for 9 years and married for almost 3. We’ve “made it” through the birth and first 2 years of Luca’s life and we’re about to embark on parenthood for a second time. 9 years. 2 kids. And we can still make each other laugh. We still have all the time in the world for each other. We’re able to enjoy comfortable silence, days or even weeks apart from each other. We know where we stand with one another, at all times. But we don’t live in each other’s pockets either. We work. We have our own way of doing things and it works for us. This movie made me think about that and made me take stock of how blessed (I don’t like using the word “blessed” but not sure how else to put it?) I am in this aspect of my life. I have a good husband, who accepts my need to be independent and at the same time, treats me like a princess. Three cheers to you Baby Shoes 🙂 x
I just know there was more I wanted to share, but it seems #TheMole has sapped up all of my brain-juice and I can’t remember any more. It’s also taken me over an hour to type up a post that I envisaged taking just 15 minutes, so it’s no wonder I’ve gone blank. Time for this “belly on legs” to hit the hay. Back to the grindstone tomorrow! (YAY! No, seriously … YAY!!!)

4 thoughts on “Where I’m at

  1. You have a gorgeous “preggy” belly!

    My original BFF is living in the UK now too. I miss her so much.
    Glad you got to spend some quality time with her 🙂

  2. So awesome to have your friend here…and that you got to spend some quality time together.

    I know how you feel on the marriage thing, I sometimes have to pinch myself to realise how lucky I am…

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