I’ve always loved books. Coffee table books, fiction novels, autobiographies … any book at all. Ever since I can remember, our mum used to pop us into bed with a book (7pm became known as “bwab-time” in our house) for half an hour before lights out.

While I was pregnant with Luca, I read loads about parenting. Maybe too much. But, we live and we learn! I read Baby Sense, What to Expect When You’re Expecting (on Googling that for a link, I found that there’s a WTEWYE movie due out in 2012 … interesting!) and started (but never got further than the second chapter of) Raising Boys.

This time around, I want to do things instinctively. I don’t want to read about what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

I want to be in a situation and simply do what feels natural and right for me.

It’s not to say that I didn’t rely on my instincts after Luca was born, but I do feel like I may have expected certain outcomes from situations, based on what I’d read and that I could possibly have felt like I had failed at something, because I didn’t react the way the books told me to. Or that Luca didn’t behave in the way that the experts advised … so yes. This time around, it’s about what feels right to me, regardless of what the books say.

That being said, the one and only thing (okay, the second thing next to not having a name for #2 yet) that is worrying me, is how Luca is going to react when I arrive home with his little brother. I want to try to do more to prepare him for this change … or at least to show him, in advance, what is going to happen.

So, this afternoon I ventured into Exclusive Books at Sandton City to scour the shelves for some form of toddler-friendly “Where do babies come from” kind of book. I don’t want it to be something technical. I am on the look for more of a children’s picture-book that shows a happy preggy-mummy, cuddling her first-born just before going into the hospital to have the new baby. Next page: toddler happily embracing the little baba, with a smile on his face and love in his heart. Get it? Happy, warm, lots of pictures. But nothing graphic. Suitable for a two-year old who loves “Beebies” and noodles: the simple things in life.

Well, I didn’t find much … but will do more of an internet search over the weekend to see if what I am looking for is available. Jackson’s mom told me that she had seen something in the Hyde Park store, so I’ll check there too. Have you seen or heard of anything along the lines of what I’m looking for?

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did see these:

And this …

Roll on, pay-day!


7 thoughts on “Books

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  2. Liam was 15 months old when Hannah was born, needless to say I was pretty nervous about how my BABY was going to deal with another BABY in the house. We let him watch Barney’s Oh Brother She’s My sister.. (i know, i know, Barney drives me crazy) but its a cute episode about siblings, and they tell the story of a little boy who’s mom is pregnant and how he looks forward to meeting his new lil sister and how he helps decorate the baby’s room and draws pictures for her, etc, etc.. Liam is 30 months now and he still loves it, because he can relate as he has his own lil sister.. this dvd definitely helped Liam with his transition from baby to big brother!

  3. Nicki – Go The F*@k to Sleep is an international phenomena – I want to buy that book too!

    AND I also wanted to point you in the direction of a blog i’m reading that you may find of interest, its about a photographer dad who is wading his way through parenthood and life in general

    • I actually want to get the audio book! I saw it at the till when I paid for the baby names book and don’t know WHY I didn’t take it! Narrated by Samuel L Jackson? YES PLEASE!

      Thanks for the blog link – will check it out NOW!

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