Using your kids to meet new people …

… it’s the new pink/black/sliced bread etc.


A couple of weeks ago, Tanya and I were at our happy place. With Luca and Max, obviously! There was a mom there with her little girl, who we’ve often wondered about and wanted to talk to. The great thing about having kids is that, if they play along and are nice to each other, it makes making friends with those moms that much easier 🙂

Anyway, Luca and little Ellie were playing over at the water table with Melinda’s daughter, Emma, and I got some gorgeous pictures of the three of them playing together – with the fantastic child-minder, Thabani. The following week I popped over to Melinda to let her know that I had taken the pics of Emma and would love to email them to her.

This weekend, due to breakfast with my boys at Tasha’s in Rosebank, birthday parties, present shopping for said parties and attempting to take a break between all of these activities, I missed our regular visit to Serendipity. Tanya and Max still went, and they chatted to Melinda who, it turns out, also writes a fabulous blog over at “Diaries of a White Mother Raising a Black Baby”. Let me just warn you – her posts are hilarious!!!

Melinda has a sense of humour that has IMMEDIATELY appealed to me, and I am really looking forward to getting to know another fellow Serendipity regular!

I love a new find, and a new blog (and new mom-friend) is no exception!


7 thoughts on “Using your kids to meet new people …

  1. Please can I explain why Emma was the only toddler in a diaper. No it’s not because she’s
    black 🙂 She had wet her pants playing in the water and refused to put them back on damp…they were hanging on the back of my chair drying xxx

  2. I love the camaredie of meeting up with new parents! Nothing like it!
    I MUST ask – where did Melinda get that gorgeous tshirt for Emma?? I simply MUST have one for my ‘Bella! x

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