An update on “M”

So … Twitter seems to be broken. Or it just doesn’t like me yapping about my baby? Strange … anything that I post that is about the scan just does not appear in my TL?! How odd! THIS is what I was trying to say:

And, just in case that’s too small to read:

M weighs 2.1kg and is sporting the Dadic/Harrington chubby cheeks and button nose 🙂 6 weeks till @DavidDadic and I become parents AGAIN! X

So crazy … still can’t believe we’re doing this all again!

I’m calling him “M” although I’m not referring to “Mole” as he’s been affectionately known for the past couple of months. The truth is, he does now have a name! We’ve told close friends and family but we’ve decided to keep it at that for now. You know how people are when it comes to names? EVERYONE has their opinion. What’s important is that our family loves his name … particularly my Gran … M’s “Gran-Gran” 🙂 When we were going over name ideas for Luca before he was born, we mentioned that we loved the name Shia. As in Shia le Bouf? Well, Gran-Gran tilted her head at me (we were on Skype) and said, “Well my girl, that would take some getting used to, now wouldn’t it?” And we scrapped it there and then. So Gran-Gran loves M’s name, which is critical 🙂

That’s all folks … just a little post in lieu of a tweet. Which I guess is better because it wouldn’t have worked out well, had I tried to fit all of this into 140 characters or less!


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