A happy Huggies morning at River Cafe

On Sunday, I joined Huggies and a host of other moms for a “Mom & Baby Tweetup” at River Cafe at the Sandton Field & Study Centre  in Benmore.

It was a gorgeously sunny day, shared with the likes of mommy bloggers and serial Tweeters: Tanya, Melinda, Lisa, StaceySam, Gina, Mandi, Tamiya, Lauren, Anita, Tanya `and a bunch of other lovely moms and their beautiful babies.

Sam chatted about how amazing Twitter is at connecting moms, and I am not the first to say that I am so happy that I will have Twitter in my life when M arrives. I look forward to calling on all of my Twitter mom friends, old and new, when I feel like the only person awake in Jozi, feeding M at 2, 3, 4am … I remember feeling “alone” on those nights when Luca was just a little one, and knowing that this time I’ll be able to send a tweet out into the Twitterverse and *hopefully* get a response from a mom in a similar situation, makes me feel all the more at ease about the long nights ahead of me.

Thanks to Huggies for bringing us all together IRL, so that when we do tweet one another, we KNOW who we’re talking to … there is more than just an online connection. Although, as mothers, I believe that we all have an unspoken bond … an understanding of what kind of ups and downs we go through as parents.

As Huggies so simply puts it, “Love the joyride” … and isn’t that what parenthood is all about? One crazy, amazing, scary, hilarious, incredible and non-stop joyride?


5 thoughts on “A happy Huggies morning at River Cafe

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