Hey moms! Fancy a little pampering?

So, it goes without saying that my life has been somewhat chaotic the last couple of weeks. The lack of posts on my blog confirms that too!

Between work deadlines, baby showers, tweetups, surprise visits from The Hippo and subsequent 4 hour shopping sprees, I’ve been a very busy mama!

What’s important for me, in times like these, is that I take time out for myself to chill and pamper myself. Sometimes (as a mom, most of the time) this is easier said than done, but thanks to Huggies I have no excuse!

Each of the moms who attended the recent Huggies Mommy Tweetup received a voucher to pamper herself at a Sorbet salon – I have booked the obligatory pre-birth mani-pedi, for a couple of days before I go in for my c-section on Monday 17 October, which I am desperately in need of given the fact that I can neither see, nor reach my feet 🙂

Huggies was kind enough to give me two extra Sorbet vouchers (each valued at R200) to give to readers of my blog! To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on my blog with your name and send a tweet or Facebook link to this post. Then on Friday 30 September I will randomly pick a winner from all of the entries and get your voucher to you ASAP! Yay!

While you wait for YOUR name to be drawn out of the hat, check out the Huggies profiles on Facebook and Twitter for lots of mom-related stuff. Also follow Sorbet on Facebook and Twitter for their latest specials and competitions!

Stay tuned for posts on my close encounter with an ENORMOUS hippo, Luca’s BFF’s AMAZEBALLS Dr Seuss 2nd birthday party at Serendipity this past Sunday and an opportunity to do a little streaking down 4th Avenue, Parkhurst this Friday!


22 thoughts on “Hey moms! Fancy a little pampering?

  1. Oooh … pick me … PLEASE!!!!! I’m a mom to two toddlers (33 months and 18 months .. one just potty trained … Yeah baby!!! *does a little happy dance*), 2 puppies both 15 weeks old (so actually 3 potty training sessions still to go … eish) always on the go, no me time … not even to pee(ha ha ) just moved into a new house .. so lots of unpacking (ok, I confess been living in it for 3 months already but have lots of boxes to go), work from home, garden loving (not sexy for hands but still worth it), wife to handsome guy(Well, I think he’s handsome) and general happy go lucky spirit!(most of the time any way:)) Oh and did I mention I think your blog rocks?(Nothing like a bit of bit of sweet talking hey …. true story !!!) So Pick me!!!!

  2. Hey Nix … we desperately miss your posts, so hoping that when you are on maternity leave we will be hearing lots more from you about your gorgeous Luca and the infamous “M” … damn I can’t wait to find out what his name is 😀


    I can’t wait for the HIPPO story! You. Are. Killing. Me!

    I need you to randomly pick me! Please! That is all xxx

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  5. Seeing that I’m not a mum guess I have no chance of winning. Entering anyway. Please please please blog more often, I enjoy reading about Luca and can’t wait to start reading about baby M.

  6. Oh my word, what perfect timing! What I’d do for a bit of pampering at the moment! One month old baby means my eye brows haven’t been waxed and nails are shocking! And don’t get me started on my regrowth! Hope you’re taking it easy in your last few weeks!

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  8. Wait? So you don’t even need to be a mom to win the voucher??? Dude, I totally need this. My nails are in a horrible state.

    Also tweeted this competition.

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