“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one”

I wish Luca (and I’m sure Melinda felt the same about Emma) had realised that the world was not coming to an end when we eventually had to leave Max’s amazing Dr Seuss party on Sunday. Then again, even I was sorry to leave … and I’m WAY past the age where drawing on chalkboard tables and stuffing my face with luminous green cupcakes, blueberry blue biscuits and chocolate mousse cake is considered socially acceptable 😉


To say that it was a GORGEOUS party, is a complete understatement. Tanya asked me to be the unofficial photographer for the day and I jumped at the chance. I LOVE taking pictures, particulary when gorgeous kids (roles filled by Max, Luca, Emma, Hayley & Emma, Levi, Nina and others), bright colours and the bright Spring sun are in play.

Held at the ALWAYS amazing Serendipity, Max’s birthday was every two year old’s dream come true.

The talented Marc from Concept Spark, assembled an l-shaped chalkboard table, strewn with coloured chalk (obviously), paper and crayons, race cars, motorbikes and amphibians. It was a sensory explosion of bright colours and textures – PERFECT for keeping the little ones busy all morning! In fact, Thabani (our favourite person at Serendipity) even took a back seat for the morning because of all of the entertainment that Marc had laid out for the children.

Linda from Belles Patisserie provided eats for the adults, including the most delectable pastries, macaroons, tarts and chocolate-covered strawberries.


Most importantly though, Linda make a HUGE chocolate mousse cake for Max’s big day, which EVERYONE enjoyed, especially the birthday boy himself!

Max – you are one loved, loving and lovable kid. Thank you for having Luca and I (um, and “M”) at your party this weekend … we had an ABSOLUTE ball!

I’ll leave you here, with my favourite Dr Seuss quote …


3 thoughts on ““Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one”

  1. What a beautiful party!

    I can imagine how much fun the kids had…

    I also know how much fun it is to go to a kids party where the children not only look after themselves, but find they have to bat away their parents who also just wanna have fun 🙂

  2. Emma cried and cried when we left. She asked Thabani to take her to the car and told me she’ll only sleep if Thabani puts her in her bed xxx

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