Choose glass … could I be any more clear?

So, this post was meant to have been staggered over the last 5 days, specially named “Choose Glass Week” by Consol – but we all know that life catches up with a full-time-working-37-week-pregnant-mother-of-a-toddler-and-wife-and-runner-of-a-house.

Wow, just typing that makes me feel tired and unorganised …

You know what DOES make life more organised though?


Yes, glass.

Imagine if everything in your home was stored in clear, glass containers? I often mumble, “Move stuff around!” to Dave when he’s “looking” for something in a cupboard. Men don’t “look” for things the same way women do. They tend to simply glance over a pile of items, or shelf of containers, not ever delving into these containers to find what it is that they’re looking for. This is where glass comes in handy. Clear and clean … you get what you see. You know? I know, with my little M arriving in just over two weeks’ time, my patience will be wearing thin … and having Dave (and eventually both Luca and M too) asking me “Baaaaaaabe/Mooooooommy? Where is X? I can’t SEE it. Please come help me FIND it!” is just going to drive me berserk.

This is just a reason for choosing glass that I pulled out the top of my (porridge) brain. Some examples of how I would like to use glass in MY home …

Other reasons for choosing glass include:

Glass is infinitely recyclableGlass is versatile 

Glass adds style to any occasion  Glass is the healthy choice

Things taste better in glass

Glass is prettier, it’s healthier and safer (hey moms, no BPAs!), lasts longer and isn’t destroying our planet … where we intend spending the rest of our lives and watching our children grow up and enjoying their lives too. Nuff said?

Check out Consol’s website, Facebook page and Twitter profile for more information and clever ways to use glass, as well as competitions and more.

And have a little watch of their latest “Choose Health” campaign video.


2 thoughts on “Choose glass … could I be any more clear?

  1. WOW that BPA info off Wikipedia is terrifying! Wish SA would ban BPA like Canada has.
    Thanks for great content! Really infomative and fun x

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