This mommy … this daddy.

Tonight in the bath, Luca did the CUTEST thing ever.

He had his little plastic cars lined up on the edge of the tub. He tends to play the same games with them: a brief introduction, “Hi, I Luta!” (he pronounces all “c” or “k” sounds as “t”) followed by “You doing?” (i.e. what are you doing?), answered normally with “I shopping”. Yes, I guess that perhaps he gets that from me. And that I shop. A lot.

Anyway. Tonight. he had these two “cars” next to one another.

He looked at me and, pointing to the yellow digger (?) he said, “This mummy”. I nodded in agreement and he then told me that the purple truck was “Daddy”. Okay. He looked away and carried on with his game. Mummy and Daddy said the usual “Hello, I Mummy. Hello, I Daddy. You doing?” and then it went quiet for a while.

Deep in thought, Luca then put them side by side, and softly said, “I luff you mummy daddy” and then marched “Mummy” and “Daddy” off down the side of the bath together.

My heart melted, right there in the bath. I love this child of mine.


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