4 Sleeps

The morning school run, complete with a couple of verses of “If you’re happy and you know it”.

A relaxed breakfast at Vovo Telo. Reading a couple of pages of my book in the sun on 4th Avenue, whilst sipping a cappuccino and watching the world rush by.

A morning nap.

Waiting with the other moms outside the school and having Luca grinning like a mad man and throwing himself into my arms on my arrival at lunch time.

Lunch together out on the front steps, splashing in the plastic shell and talking about his day.

Kissing his tired eyes before his afternoon nap.

A much-needed pedicure at HAND Salon.

An afternoon of puzzles, iPad games and tickling …

Finding out I was a winner of a personalized 2012 calendar on the Macaroon Facebook page!

Dinner, bath, a spot of “Beebies” and a snuggle on the couch.Β Final kisses, loves, “the blanket routine” and “I luff you’s”.

The perfect day …

One day closer to meeting the newest member of team Dadic πŸ™‚


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