Making a mountain out of a *mole*hill

I found the first scan of “M” / The Mole a couple of days ago … WHERE did the last 7 months go?

This tiny, pulsing little bean, has grown into a baby. A real life baby, in my tummy. My brain still struggles to understand how this person has grown inside me and, I’m sure that only when “M” is placed on my chest for the first time, will I truly comprehend the fact that a life has developed from within my own body. To say that it’s miraculous is like the understatement of the century. Its incredible. Mind-blowing. Ridiculously hard to explain to someone who has not yet had a child … to know that you “made” this little person. I could go on and on … but I wouldn’t make much sense. So instead, here’s a photo journey of the growth of The Mole(hill) into the Mountain 🙂

The last picture was on Tuesday night, at 38 weeks and a day or two, with just under a week to go. I feel HUGE, uncomfortable and totally ready to meet the newest little Dadic boy. Let’s DO this!


4 thoughts on “Making a mountain out of a *mole*hill

  1. You’re forgetting the pregnancy test! 🙂
    I am privileged to have seen this journey… You are looking amazing and I can’t wait for M either. Honorary aunt waiting in the wings…

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