People are strange …

This afternoon at Serendipity, while I was waiting for Luca to remove his Spiderman dress-up clothes so we could GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE (more on that later), a woman sitting on the floor with her son and looked up at my torpedo belly and said, “Wow! You look amazing! When are you due?” I smiled and told her “Monday”, leaving out the “I’m scheduled for my elective c-section on Monday morning” bit as I am COMPLETELY over being judged for my choice of birth plan.

“Aw”, she said “that’s amazing! Do you know what you’re having?” “Yes”, I replied, “I’m having another little boy!” She smiled and the next couple of words that came out of her mouth completely BAFFLED me. “Another boy? Ag shame, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s healthy, right?” 

I did a confused giggle, half smiled and then walked away without saying another word.

“Ag shame, another boy?” 

Actually lady, I’m OVERJOYED at the fact that I will be adding another beautiful Dadic boy to my already gorgeous family. Does one have to have a “pigeon pair” to be happy? WTF? SERIOUSLY?! I wish I’d punched her in the nose and said, “I’m lucky I am able to have a second child, let alone be fussy about what sex it is!”

That being said, she wasn’t the only painful specimen at our favourite spot this morning. Serendipity was littered with revolting people. I’m not being elitist or anything, as a matter of fact, I think I’m being completely the opposite of elitist. Every second, well-dressed and obviously well-off person at every second table was complaining about the service. About how long the food was taking to come out. About the fact that they didn’t have an umbrella. About the fact that their food wasn’t “up to scratch”. PEOPLE. This is a CHILDREN’S PLAY PLACE. If you want 5 star service and food to match, leave your kids at home and go and have dinner at The Orient in Melrose Arch.

The irony is that the kids who were there with these disgustingly mannered adults were in their element at Serendipity: bouncing around on the trampoline, whizzing down the slides, leaning back, relaxed as a minder pushed them in the tyre-swings. One woman got uptight about the delay in being “served”, marched over to her child who was playing happily in the sandpit, YANKED her out and stormed off. Needless to say, the child was NOT impressed and promptly burst into tears! I mean REALLY.

As Melinda pointed out, they were probably all clock-watching to get to a rugby-watching/lunch-date/something else equally kugel-esque and completely un-child-friendly, and therefore felt the need to take their impatience out on the poor staff at this fantastic venue.

My advice to you lot? GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don’t harass the (limited number of) staff who do a phenomenal job of watching your children while you greedily gobble down the food brought to you, only to turn your nose up at it and complain shortly thereafter.

Thoko, Precious, Thabani, Future and co at Serendipity – you all bloody rock!

Anyway, Luca and Emma had a blast. We came home, put on our cozzies, filled the blue shell with water and chilled in our own, quiet front garden and then settled down for a nap.


PS: 2 more sleeps!!!


11 thoughts on “People are strange …

  1. People are so odd…
    I get the ‘You cant be serious!?’ response when I tell them we are done having kids. Its as if they are offended that we are stopping at two…
    And the ‘You’re STILL breastfeeding?!’, Um yes, my baby isnt even a year old yet…
    People are very very odd…

    • Like I said on Twitter – the next person who asks anything (luckily I only have ONE DAY LEFT!) about what I’m having, I will respond, “I am having a goldfish, naming it Rumplestiltskin and intend on breastfeeding it till it’s 12”. That should drop a few jaws 😉 x

  2. I admire you for not saying anything to that the chick, the mood I’ve been in lately – I would certainly have given her a piece of my mind. When I found out I was pregnant again (Abigail was only 8 weeks old), I was often asked did you plan it? Who the f….plans another baby when they’ve just pushed one out. I always replied politely, No! we don’t have t.v. – that shuts them up quickly! BTW I love your profile pic on twitter – stunning !!!!

  3. You married a man from the south of Jhb…You should have smacked her lights out with your hair brush !!! Who cares how many kids of the same sex you have?? As long as your kids are healthy thats all that counts. As for me a mommy who is having a little trouble with number 2… I will be happy with another girl if that is what God chooses…just as i would be happy if it were a boy. All you really want… is to be the best mom you can be to a healthy baby……. 10 fingers and 10 toes.

    • You’re so right Mich! I should have klapped her in the bloody mouth! Seriously?! It’s like some people just don’t have a filter in their brain for all the STUPID that goes on in there! What a moron!

      As you said, what God decides is what happens. I believe that we are all given what we’re meant to have – and I couldn’t me more thrilled at the idea of another gorgeous baby boy in our home.

      Much love to you, Den & Gianna xxx

  4. People stay the dumbest things sometimes, given our circumstance, I’ve also heard some draw dropping beauts.
    The whole pigeon pair thing irritates the hell out of me too.
    And you’re so right Nicki, you are lucky to be able to have a second child – that is all.

  5. Gobsmacked at the “ag shame” comment. Having a child is a blessing of max porportions, who cares what sex the baby is? *sigh* People.


  6. I got the, “Oh no!” and “Oh dear” thing re my second boy all the time! Once, an old bag was horrified to see me with my big bump and a 16-month old. I overheard her telling the woman behind her in the Woollies queue that I would only regret No 2 once it was here. I was so upset, but I realised it had more to do with her than with me. My gap is 18 months. What’s yours? P.S. Congrats!

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