9 & a half years ago …

… a 20 year old Nicki Harrington walked into Casasola-Dadic Attorneys for an interview for a vacancy as a receptionist. If you’d told me on that day, that in just under a decade, I’d be married to my boss and be the proud mother of two gorgeous boys, I would have called you a nutcase and run for the hills.

But here I sit … enjoying a little bit of quiet time with my HUSBAND, while our TWO children sleep peacefully (for now). Who would have thought it?

I will give you a detailed update of where we’re at, but the short version is that we’re all happy, healthy (after an insane allergic reaction to some anti-inflammatories and an acute case of pharyngitis) and loving being at home together.

Luca LOVES his little brother Mika (or, as he says, “Little brudda Mita”) and has adapted well, appearing completely unphased by Mika’s yelps and the fact that I can’t quite give him ALL of my attention at the moment. As soon as my cut has healed, I’ll be able to rough and tumble like I did before, but for now, he understands that mommy needs some down-time. My sweet boy …

And of course, what would a blog post be without a couple of pictures 😉

Sleep tight!


20 thoughts on “9 & a half years ago …

  1. Congrats again! ‘Mita’ is gorgeous! And love the new blog name 🙂 look forward to reading all about your boys!

  2. LOVE the photo’s – it’s funny how life does things to us that we would NEVER have imagined in a million years…

    Happiness is… ❤


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