Consider THIS your TMI warning!

It’s official. I am 99.9% sure that Mika has day and night mixed up.

He does his longest stretches of sleep during the day (convenient because it allows me to catch up on sleep during the day) for anything up to 4 hours.

At night, however, it’s a whole other kettle of fish. He goes down at 7/8 and then does a 2 or 3 hour stretch. After that, it’s an hourly/2 hourly wake up routine. It wouldn’t be so bad, if it didn’t take anything between 20 – 45 minutes per feed.

He’s also VERY vocal about his bowel movements, with much grunting, groaning and apparent pushing before he eventually lets rip with a ma-HOOOSIVE fart or does a little poop. He is definitely not constipated as (a) he’s exclusively breastfed and his poops are completely soft/runny. It’s just a little bit more of an effort for him, obviously! These poop noises accompany his hourly/2-hourly wake ups all through the night, which adds to the exhaustion factor for me.

So, as of today, I am going to try to wake him more often for day time feeds, in the hope that he starts to figure out that when the sun is out, it’s time to EAT and when it’s dark, it’s time to SLEEP! We’re also off to Magic Mike Marinus this morning for our chiro appointment, which is meant to be really good for caesar babies too, so maybe that might even make a small difference.

Wish me luck … and lots of sleep!

PS: Follow Mike Marinus on Twitter and read his blog on chiropractic practices for children here.




10 thoughts on “Day/Night

  1. Oh dear! My two were the same! I tried all that dark out the room at night, and let the tv or radio run in the day etc, nothing really worked until they kinda figured it out for themselves after a few weeks. Sure Mika will figure it out with your help soon too! Good luck!

  2. Good Luck. Hope Magic Mike makes Mika magically sleep through! You must be so exhausted. So admire you coping so well with a toddler and a new born, just the thought makes me break into a cold sweat x

  3. We had the same with my son. He’s still “grunting” right through the night ( not nr 2 related ) at the age of almost 4..I blame it on the fact that his father was a sleepwalker as a child…I’m sure restless sleep is heridatory!
    Hope you get better sleep soon! There’s NOTHING as bad as not sleeping and then having to cope with kids…….

  4. Good luck! Ava also had day/night confusion and I did the same as you to help her with the confusion. Waking her for feeds during the day and leaving her to sleep and only feeding when she woke at night.
    The early days really are the toughest. Hang in there!

  5. Hope you get Mika unconfused SOON. U can deal with lack of sleep when the sun is up BUT at night it’s a killer – urgh!

    Good luck to your noisy tooter/pooper…


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