In (very) Good Company!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I am the mayor of Vovo Telo on Foursquare, a bakery/restaurant that opened in Parkhurst in August this year. I’ve been on maternity leave just over 2 weeks and have already been there during the day a good 4 or 5 times. I LOVE the place. Seriously.

On Wednesday, Tanya and I met for THE most divine health breakfast (strawberries AND kiwi fruit? YUM!) and cappuccino at Vovo Telo and while we were there, she asked me if I’d like to go to In Good Company with her. I was confused. In Good what? Where? “You don’t know about In Good Company?” Tanya asked. I hung my head in shame and agreed to go with to check it out with her, and BOY OH BOY was I happy I did!

This place has EVERYTHING you would need to plan THE most amazing birthday party for a little one! Charlie & Lola, Mad Hatters Tea Party and more. All the bits and pieces you’d need, from invitations to party favours. Thank you notes to gift tags. EVERYTHING.

The store also stocks the most gorgeous nick-nacks and gifts for birthdays, weddings and … well, just about ANYTHING. The owner runs the store from overseas and brings all the items to South Africa – but they’re still really well-priced! HOORAY! Let’s just say that any one of my friends, with a birthday in the next couple of months in particular, is going to be receiving a gift bought at this little gem at 52 6th Street, Parkhurst. Love, love, LOVE this place!!!

How gorgeous?! Check out the In Good Company website or blog for more info and contact details.

6 thoughts on “In (very) Good Company!

  1. I’ve been shopping with them online for a while .. nice to know they have an ACTUAL store … Will definitely be popping in there soon! Thanks for sharing.

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