Lights, camera … burp?

This morning the fabulous Celeste, from Cilla Bloom Photography, came by to take the first official snaps of my gorgeous baby boy.

I had mentioned that we’d had a bit of a rough night (mainlyall my fault because I am too lazy to burp him properly during the night feeds, which results in gas build up and subsequent cramps in my poor baba’s tummy) and that I wasn’t sure how well it would all go. Cilla convinced me that we should go ahead – he’s already … EIGHTEEN DAYS OLD (!) and with newborn shoots, the whole point is to do them when they’re little! While he was really quite niggly (and VERY gassy, thanks to all of my amazing Twitter mom-friends’suggestions to cure his little cramps) the whole time, I don’t for a second doubt that Cilla got some gorgeous pictures … and I am just DYING to see them already!

While we’re on the topic of Cilla Bloom – the winner of our Festive Season Package Giveaway has been announced! Melinda (aka Emma’s mum) submitted a number of really cute captions on the competition picture, namely:

iThink, therefore iAm.

If Steve Jobs could do this, then so can I.

An apple a day keeps boredom away.

WhatsApp Dad?

Cilla and I both loved the last one, but we also LOVED Gina (Click here to confirm order for baby brother – App Store) and Sam’s (Mole, I am your brother) comments. So, we chose these three ladies as finalists and allocated numbers to their names (in alphabetical order – G1, M2, S3) and entered them into a Random Number Generator which I downloaded as an app on my iPad. Number 2 was the FIRST number that came up.

WELL DONE MELINDA! Looking forward to seeing the fabulous pictures of you and your gorgeous family (Emma pictured below) – Celeste will not disappoint!!!

Thank you to everyone for participating in this competition – for those of you who did enter but weren’t lucky enough to win, check out Cilla Bloom’s Facebook page for the amazing Festive Season Specials!


3 thoughts on “Lights, camera … burp?

  1. I love the captions Melinda came up with, she definitely deserves the prize!!!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the newborn pics too. His such a gorgeous little boy…there is no doubt they are going to come out beautifully 🙂

  2. All’s fair in love and captions – congrats to Melinda 🙂 Sure Cilla will do an amazing job and I can’t wait to see hers and YOUR pictures either.


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