Thoughts for Tuesday …

  • The new Protea Court in Sandton City is pretty impressive. Dave says it looks a lot like the malls in Vegas. I was there (Sandton, not Vegas!) for the new Naartjie store opening earlier this month, but I was so sick and feverish that I really didn’t take much notice of anything around me, so I was totally blown away by it this afternoon. I have a feeling that many a salary will be blown there! *cuts up last remaining credit card*
  • Zara has beautiful clothes…but I don’t feel “cool” enough to buy or wear many of the pieces other than the “basics” range. Know what I mean? Like all the young, trendy (do people still use that word?) gals look great in everything…but I’d probably look like I was just trying to be cool. Which is NOT cool. Anyway, Dave bought me these two gorgeous tops from the Zara Basics and Trafaluc ranges, as well as this GORGEOUS maxi-dress. I do LOVE maxi-dresses – they make me think of beach holidays!


  • Speaking of beach holidays, it’s just over 3 weeks till we head off to Port Alfred for THREE GLORIOUS WEEKS! It’s our first holiday as a family of four! I’ve learnt that as much as I dislike the idea of heading to wherever the rest of Joburg’s gone on holiday, we need a holiday more. And now that we have our own little family, it’s important that we make the most of the long December break. These are some pics of the house we’ll be staying in … can you say OH EM GEE?!?!

  • Back to Sandton City … I was in Cotton On, which is really great – pretty dresses and tops, rack-upon-rack of sandals and wedges, all at affordable prices. Great shop, great clothes … but the music was SO damn loud that I literally couldn’t think straight!  I wanted to browse and possibly buy a couple of tops, but felt almost stressed out by how hectic and loud everything was! Is there a reason why shops do this? Or am I just getting old?
  • I started running last Monday. Well, running/jogging/walking. I (power)walk the hectic uphills and jog/run the flats and downhills. Tanya‘s great advice to me was to start slow: run to a lamp post, walk to the next etc. So far it’s going really well and I’m actually enjoying it! I’m using Runkeeper to track my progress and I’ve got to say that it’s a fantastic app. It gives me updates every 5 minutes of my run, letting me know how far I’ve gone and what my km per minute rate is, which is fantastic motivation!
  • While I’m on the topic of running, it should be noted that you should NEVER forget to put socks on before putting your running shoes on. I did that today, and now have HORRENDOUS blisters on my toes. Not cool. *I’ll spare you the torture of a picture here … you can just use your imagination!

Aaaand that’s about it for now. It feels good to be back in the land of blog! Thanks for all of your comments on my post yesterday – I could really feel the love!

11 thoughts on “Thoughts for Tuesday …

  1. Nicki… I think you a very trendy mom!!! I think you cool enough for zara… mind you zara here is like woolies… but i know how you feel.. we have a store called bershka… i love it … super trendy and also super young. I guess the question is… when do you get too old to wear certain stuff? when do you need to tone down before you look ridiculous… or even worse, like those woman who are 40 trying to look 16 !!! oi whey ! To me I wear what I feel good in and always ask “am i too old to pull this off?” I consider myself a young mom and as a young mom i recon we still need to look sexy and look cool, not only to impress our friends…LOL… not only to be the funkiest mom on the block…and not only to make our hubbies love us more… but for OUSELVES !!!

  2. I didnt even know what Zara was until I saw all the buzz on twitter – thats how cool I am *sigh*

    We are also off on holiday for 3 weeks in less than a month – I CAN NOT WAIT.

    YAY for running 🙂

  3. I am dying to go and see the new part of Sandton Shopping Centre – everyone is talking about it… Pay day Friday – think I need to seriously budget before I go :). Well done with the running Nix – I am starting with Run/Walk for Life in Jan… Lots of love Sal

  4. That place in Port Alfred looks amazing! I’ve never actually been there before. I should really make a plan.
    LOVE Cotton-on clothes, much more me than Zara

  5. How are you going on holiday, please tell me! We were thinking of going to Durban to visit Isobel’s Godmother, but it’s so expensive to fly and rent all the baby equipment, compared to 6 hours in the car there and back for only five days. I feel unadventurous!

    • Hey Ann! It seems like a huge task but it won’t be! Get in the car and GO! Staying in Jozi will be boring! Dave is driving with Greg on the 15th and I am flying with Leani and ALL FOUR KIDS on the 16th!

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