3 days later …

… and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made.

Not when Mika is this relaxed.

Even when he’s awake now, he’s chilled …

Sometimes Most of time the things you stress the most about, don’t need stressing about at all.

The best part? This week, Dave and I will have a date night – dinner and a movie! YAY!

What should we see? Contagion? Breaking Dawn? The Help? Ah hell, I just want to sit in a cinema and have warm popcorn and a cold slush! I’ll watch trailers for two hours for all I care 😉

I will also spend all of Saturday morning with Luca, Melinda & Emma at the Beautiful Creatures Musical at Monte Casino, as well as an afternoon of fun with our BFFs Tanya & Max later that day before we all head off on our December holidays.

I’m LOVING this time of the year!

And I’m so happy with what we decided to do 🙂

6 thoughts on “3 days later …

  1. Aw man look at him 🙂

    WOOT for date night – lol – the first one D and I went on after Jack was like 90 minutes – we were nerds ;-p

    ENJOY it.

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