The randomness that is me …

Tanya tagged me in a “7 random facts about me” post over at her amazingly revamped blog, Dear Max. Essentially I need to list 7 facts about myself that my readers probably don’t already know, and then tag other bloggers (I don’t think I can manage 15!) to do the same. So, here goes!

I am (since falling pregnant with Mika) properly addicted to Wine Gums. My BF Murray told me that the gelatine in them is good for my hair and nails, so that’s my reasoning behind chewing madly away on them 24/7.



My self-esteem is fueled by positive reinforcement from my family, friends and colleagues. Without the odd “Well done!”, “Good job!” or “You’re doing AMAZINGLY!”, I wilt away like an unwatered pot plant. Yesterday’s 6 week check ups with my gynae and Mika’s paed did wonders for my confidence levels – seeing how Mika is growing so well really made me feel good about myself. My friends in the computer (Hi Tweeps!) really play a huge part in my self-esteem too … the constant reassurance is worth more than I am able to explain … so, THANK YOU!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am PETRIFIED of the dark. Having a baby to feed at night means I have a little night-light in the room now … which makes me VERY happy! It’s a childhood fear that has filtered into my adult life … and doesn’t seem to be getting any better!


I trust people WAY to quickly and easily. I am a very emotional person and always see the good in people, giving them the benefit of the doubt until they literally stab me in the back. Or the front. I can be am that naive about people who have nothing but the worst of intentions. But once scorned, you will feel my wrath. #justsaying


All of my own family do not live in South Africa. Or Africa, for that matter. They’re in New Zealand, the UK, Canada and America. To say it’s hard and that I miss them all dearly is the mother-of-all understatements, and in fact I sometimes lie awake at night wondering how we all got so far apart. Skype is amazing, but sometimes most of the time I would give up anything for a real hug and quality time together.


I used to think that “Mommy’s boys” were big babies. I may or may not have told my ex he was a big mommy’s boy and I hated that about him. Now I hang my head in shame when I say that I am ECSTATIC that I have two boys, whom I fully intend to mould into complete and utter mommy’s boys, so that they NEVER leave me and look after me until the very end. There. I said it.



I hate wearing shoes. No, I don’t hate wearing them … I’d just rather go barefoot. This means that the bottoms of my feet are generally not very clean dirty. But that’s how I’m comfortable! Dave tells me I have “Zimbo feet” 🙂

(Tanya, in searching for a picture for this point, I specifically tried to find one where the feet were out of focus, so as not to put you off 😉 )



That’s it! Calling on Sid, Roxy, Lauren, Tamiya, Heather, Elisabeth and Lorien to give us some random facts about themselves! 🙂


11 thoughts on “The randomness that is me …

  1. Finally! Some one else who is afraid of the dark…I am petrified! If I am by myself, I sleep with the light on.

    My hubby, always proudly states that he is a Mommys boy 🙂

    Dont even get me started on family far away…it breaks my heart…

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