Give a little …

… because someone may not have what you do not want.

So, I decided (and I’m 99.99% sure that Dave is on the same page as me here) that we WILL NOT be having any more kids. There are two of us and two of them. Any more and we’ll be outnumbered and, more than likely, outsmarted. So two it is.

I already have a couple of things that (a) I know I will never use with/for Mika and (b) that are too small/unsuitable for Mika and it’s all just taking up WAY too much space in our already over-crowded home. So I got to thinking about what I could do with this old baby stuff. I usually give all of my old clothes to Beauty at this time of the year and she sells it and makes herself a bit of extra cash for the festive season. But with baby stuff, it’s different. I wanted to give it to someone/an organisation that really needed it.

Tanya and Nicole both recently participated in the Ford #FocusMyFunds project, using a Ford Focus to raise funds (in whichever way they saw fit) for a charity of their choice. Tanya ran 20-odd km for the SPCA and Nicole used her fire-red Ford Focus to provide a taxi service, to collect money for the Princess Alice Adoption Home.


It’s not the first time I’ve heard of the PAAH. Dave and I spent some time with the little ones there on Nelson Mandela Day last year. The PAAH is a safe-gaven for up to 30 gorgeous little babies at any given time, as well as a home for pregnant girls in crisis. The PAAH helps them through their pregnancies, assisting them in the final, heart rending decision of whether or not they want to give their child up for adoption.

They need help, as do many non-profit organizations … and this is where I intend “doing my bit” to give back.

I’d love to hear about other organizations that you may be involved with? Sharing, and giving, is caring!

For more information on the PAAH, visit their website, Facebook page, drop them an email or contact them on 011 646 5641.


6 thoughts on “Give a little …

  1. The place that will always hold the biggest place in my heart is the Lighthouse Baby Shelter in Sundowner. That is where Emma was looked after and loved for the first few weeks of her life.

    We also support Tumelo Children’s home, which is a safe place for children with HIV / AIDS and disabilities. It was originally a day care centre but soon parents just weren’t collecting their children…a lot of the kiddies there have FAS and ages range from littlelies right up to young adults

  2. I am swimming the Midmar Mile to rasie money for Reef Carneson a 3 year old boy who suffered from Leukemia and is currently getting treatment for the after effects of chemo on such a little body. I have organised a group of people to swim but if you know of anybody who might be interested they can contact me at In April we are running the Two Oceans Marathon for Jessica Burger who is currently in treatment for Leukemia and not even a year old.

  3. My church has a farm out Magalies way called Hands of Compassion. The farm serves the community in several ways – there is an unwed mother’s programme where they take in girls who have been thrown out of their family homes for being pregnant, they teach them about prenatal care and also post natal care – they also facilitate reconciliation between the girls and thier families. There is a drug rehab facility on the farm. There is a chef’s training programme on the farm. They house orphans in 8 homes on the farm where house mothers care for them. They have a clinic on the farm that provides medical care for the community at no charge. They have a soup kitchen on the farm. Hands of Compassion get all my old clothes, and any items that we would donate – beds not used, couches, washing machines etc etc etc. They do so much good and need all the help they can get.

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