A message straight from Santa Claus!

My friend Dee, who lives in Texas with her husband John and GORGEOUS son Colten, sent me the link to create a personalised video from Santa Claus/Father Christmas to Luca.

I created it this morning and played it to Luca … he was GOBSMACKED! Right from the start, when Father Christmas addressed him by his own name, till the very end when Father Christmas showed him pictures of his birthday and of his new baby brother …

I also added in a little incentive, which Father Christmas spoke to Luca about: brushing his teeth before bed at night, to which Luca solemnly nodded in agreement. I’ll rejoice that when I see it in action … *sigh* … don’t think I’ve ever experienced a child who HATES to be made to do things, as much as Luca does. Hoping it gets better with age πŸ™‚

Anyway, I highly recommend you pop over and spend the 5 minutes creating a video for your child … it’s fantastic!


15 thoughts on “A message straight from Santa Claus!

  1. Isn’t this just THE coolest thing ever??? I made one for A1 last year, and then took a video of him/his reactions upon seeing it for the first time. It was precious. His face. And the absolute awe he showed when Santa also knew his name and everything that happened during the year.

    I made one this year again. I must still show him. Want to do it soon though.

  2. Wow, I have to do this for Kai. I think Santa will tell him to let mommy wash his hair, it’s turning into dread-locks. Thanks, can’t wait to get home to show him :-).

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It’s worked magic. Did a video for my friend’s daughter who is a picky eater. “Santa” asked her to not be afraid to try new foods, and she has tried 4 new foods between Friday and now!!! Her mum is ecstatic and now truly believes in the magic of SANTA πŸ˜‰

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