The flight was painless.

The house is AMAZING.

The weather is outstanding.

The wine is delicious.

The baby is sleeeeeeping.

It’s all going pretty darn perfectly.

Luca is adjusting to having a little friend around 24/7. They both only went to bed at around 11 last night. Both in their parents’ beds. But Mika didn’t wake Luca. Luca did wake at 4:45 (it was sunrise AT THAT TIME) and the day got started a lot earlier than we expected it to, but it couldn’t be better.

Nap time x


2 thoughts on “Hoooooolidays!

  1. I’m literally green with envy right now… BUT u don’t get to drive in traffic less JHB 😉 (yes I know that was a lame way to try make you jealous…)


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