Earlier this week, I got an intriguing tweet from Häagen-Dazs South Africa, asking Dave and I to come into the Sandton store to “share our love story” whilst creating our own creamy (or in Dave’s case, sorbet-y) concoctions with the Häagen-Dazs range. Obviously I said we’d love to go, and we waited in anticipation for this morning to arrive.

It was LOADS of fun! Scrubbed up to meet with the international heath standards, Dave and I donned our aprons and hair-nets and ventured behind the counter to make our own customized dessert. Dave is lactose intolerant, so he used fruits and the sorbet selection, while I chose Belgian Chocolate, Banoffee and Cookies ‘n Cream to create my mushy masterpiece 🙂

We sat down to do a quick interview about how we met and to talk about our relationship … it was a good laugh and reminded me that I’m very lucky to have Dave as my husband, best friend, partner and father of our gorgeous boys.

Follow Häagen-Dazs on Twitter and like their Facebook page here. The pictures of our little ice-cream adventure should be up on the Facebook page tomorrow, and the video should follow soon after. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of cringe-worthy moments as I have a knack for behaving like a complete lunatic when there’s a camera around … but it was a laugh and I’m a good sport, so check it out and let me know what you think 😉

Happy Friday!

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