Moving forward…

This line, from Kelle Hampton’s most recent blog post, really struck a chord this morning:

You can’t effectively move forward in life unless you have those moments of letting yourself feel the darker side of reality once in a while. I do that, you know. Maybe not publicly every time, but I’m human (if you don’t count the unicorn gene). And even after those moments of pushing the bruise to feel the pain, I smile and think to myself… life is so very rich. Even with the challenges.

Suffering doesn’t have to be displayed publicly for it to be real. Some people suffer in silence, only revealing their hurts to those closest to them. Some choose to share their woes with the world. Either way, let us not judge how others express themselves.

And ALWAYS remember to be nice to people – because EVERYONE is working through some sort of battle and, just because they don’t broadcast it for all the world to see, it’s there and it’s real.

11 thoughts on “Moving forward…

  1. “And ALWAYS remember to be nice to people” – this line rung true for me because it’s something we are ALL guilty of forgetting.

  2. Love her blog … she makes me want to be a better mom and always has a great message. Her little girls are similar ages to mine to and seeing them interact reminds me of my little ones … never fails to put a smile on my face 🙂

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