It’s all gone, but I couldn’t be happier :) #SnipSnap #Giveaway

Today was the final step from little toddler hair: soft wispy and long … to “big boy”: short back & sides. But I was adamant that I didn’t want Luca to have SHORT short hair. And boy, oh boy, did the lovely ladies at Snip Snap get it right 🙂

Luca sat, glued to the mini-DVD screen, watching Finding Nemo as Brenda worked her magic on his gorgeous golden locks. I don’t have a “before” picture, but you all know what Luca looked like with his longer hair.

At the end, I gasped. My toddler was gone. But is his place was a BEAUTIFUL little boy. Here is our experience at Snip Snap, in the best way possible … pictures!

Dave and I both LOVE how its first proper hair cut turned out … SO glad that we have found Snip Snap!

And now for the best part! If you’d like to win a children’s hair cut AND a blow-dry for yourself, you need to:

  • LIKE the Snip Snap Facebook page
  • Pop a comment and a link to this blog post on the Snip Snap Facebook wall, along with a comment here to let me know that you’ve done all of this
  • Tweets linking to this post (@Nicki_Dadic and with #SnipSnapGiveaway) will earn you an extra entry

I’ll draw the winner next Wednesday.

Snap to it then!

16 thoughts on “It’s all gone, but I couldn’t be happier :) #SnipSnap #Giveaway

  1. Wow~ He looks like such a big boy now! They got the length just right! What a handsome little fellow! xxx

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  3. Aw…!
    so cute! and funny enough exactly how i had fish’s hair cut for his first one! (before his granny shaved it all off a bloody 1!)
    we have the same thing here as snip snap but ours is called kidstation, same idea with the mini dvd players and bright colours etc. it’s awesome.
    fish needs another trim soon and will definitely go back 🙂

  4. I remember the feeling (and gasping) so well! I think he looks absolutely beautiful! Left, comment, tweeted for extra points, liked the fb page and will now go and post more stuff on their wall. I want it! *eye of the tiger*

  5. He looks like such a big boy, wow cannot believe u cut his hair off. How does he feel about it. R u sad,

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