The Dadics

Tattooed wife to David, mum to Luca & Mika, digital marketing & social media gal, full-time Gleek, part-time blogger, Wine Gum addict & eternal optimist.

Well, that’s my 140-odd character Twitter bio. And you can’t really fit a person in to 140 characters, can you?

I am pretty much an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeve and give EVERYONE the benefit of the doubt. I am naive like that, and it has bitten me in the ass once or twice. But that’s who I am … I’ll love you till you give me a reason not to.

My family is:

My husband, best friend and partner-in-crime, David. The poker playing, Croatian attorney … seriously. I love him to bits, even though there are moments in our lives when we’d both like to strangle one another. But that’s life! I’ve always believed that something (or someone) worth fighting for is what you really want in life.  We do our fair share of fighting, but it’s not about the small stuff. We’re learning as we go, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do it with.

My “baby” boy, Luca Jack. This little monkey has taught us SO much over the past two three years. He’s taught us how to be patient, how to remain calm (sometimes) in scary situations, how to be selfless and, most importantly, how to REALLY love.

#2 / #TheMole Mika Alex … our second little babaloo. Almost 9 months ago I said this:

We don’t have a name for him yet, but we love him already. Luca doesn’t know it yet (he’s not too worried about my rapidly expanding waistline) but he’ll be here in just on 4 months time and I can’t wait / am totally sh!tting myself / have no idea how I’m going to cope with TWO kids / am DYING to meet him.

… and now he’s here and he’s amazing 🙂 He’s a chubby bundle of giggles and gob, making our life even more full of fun than before. He is just DELICIOUS and LOVES kisses, which is a good thing, because he gets showered with them at every possible moment!

And there you have it … The Dadics!

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12 thoughts on “The Dadics

  1. you really should put something here, i’d love to know more about you, Luca and your family 😉

    ps: that header picture is too damned cute.

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  4. Hey Nix! Awesome site… how did you create this site? Did you do it yourself and what package did you use?

    • Hey Yolands,
      I used Afrihost – they are GREAT and provide such awesome support. I had traingng from Tanya Kovarsky and Saul Kropman on how to use the WordPress blog platform as a self-hosted site. I think that, without their help, I would have been TOTALLY lost!

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