It’s all gone, but I couldn’t be happier :) #SnipSnap #Giveaway

Today was the final step from little toddler hair: soft wispy and long … to “big boy”: short back & sides. But I was adamant that I didn’t want Luca to have SHORT short hair. And boy, oh boy, did the lovely ladies at Snip Snap get it right 🙂

Luca sat, glued to the mini-DVD screen, watching Finding Nemo as Brenda worked her magic on his gorgeous golden locks. I don’t have a “before” picture, but you all know what Luca looked like with his longer hair.

At the end, I gasped. My toddler was gone. But is his place was a BEAUTIFUL little boy. Here is our experience at Snip Snap, in the best way possible … pictures!

Dave and I both LOVE how its first proper hair cut turned out … SO glad that we have found Snip Snap!

And now for the best part! If you’d like to win a children’s hair cut AND a blow-dry for yourself, you need to:

  • LIKE the Snip Snap Facebook page
  • Pop a comment and a link to this blog post on the Snip Snap Facebook wall, along with a comment here to let me know that you’ve done all of this
  • Tweets linking to this post (@Nicki_Dadic and with #SnipSnapGiveaway) will earn you an extra entry

I’ll draw the winner next Wednesday.

Snap to it then!

Snip Snap!

There’s a new gem just off the Parkhurst strip … Snip Snap!


Owned and run by the lovely Debbie and Sarah, Snip Snap opened this evening, with bubbles and cupcakes. My favourite! It’s a gorgeous little shop just off the end of 4th Avenue in Parkhurst and it promises to keep your child entertained during hair cuts with their arcade chairs, magnetic wall strips and Scrabble letters. There’s also a shop, with  cute hair accessories for girls, pirate back-packs for the boys and handmade canvas and felt name plates for moms to covet buy for their little one’s bedroom door.

If the warmth of the owners and gorgeously decorated salon are anything to go by, Snip Snap is going to be a raging success.

Luca and I will be back at Snip Snap next Tuesday to be one of their first clients! Will report back on our experience then!

In the mean time, you can make an appointment by calling Debbie on 079 278 6788, drop her an email at or click on the Snip Snap logo below to go straight to their Facebook page!

*You can now also click here to pop over to the next blog post to enter the Snip Snap giveaway!

Facebook Timelines … I love you.

Facebook Timeline. Seriously. I am going back in time and loving it.

Completely forgot that I’d even made this … and it’s made me feel like we just got married all over again 🙂


Still want TDCC tickets?

I gave Anna the weekend off … and then won Two Door Cinema Club tickets on from 5 Gum SA for this Friday in Jozi. Argh.

You want them?

10th comment gets them!

Aaaaaaand GO!

PS: You need to pick them up from me. I’m a busy working-mom of two, you know 😉

Where do all the geeky girls go?

The Girl Geek Dinners were founded on the 16th August 2005 as a result of one girl geek who got annoyed and frustrated about being one of the only females attending technical events. She was tired of constantly having to prove herself and decided that she just wanted a change and to be treated just the same as any other geek out there, gender and age aside.  After all to be geeky is to be intelligent, have passion for a subject and to know that subject in depth. It’s not at all about being better than others, gender, race, religion or anything else. Those things just detract from the real fun stuff, the technology, the innovation and the spreading of new ideas.

On Tuesday night, I attended my first Girl Geek Dinner, held at one of Joburg’s best kept secrets, Higher Ground. It was the second Joburg event and, in my opinion, a huge success! The event was sold out and the full room on the night proved that.

Once snacks were served and bubbles poured, the formalities started. First up was Lana Strydom, who heads up Digital Marketing and Media for FNB. Obviously, a lot of the talk was centered around the elusive @RBJacobs, who is an online superhero when it comes to banking! Lana also chatted about the bank’s approach to social media and provided great examples of international banks really getting it right online.

Next up, Tiana Cline from Girl Guides chatted about girls in gaming. My first thought was around war games and I started to lose focus … but then she mentioned Words With Friends, Angry Birds and Just Dance 3, which looks like THE most fun EVER! I know we have an Xbox (I think) at home, so I am TOTALLY going to get it and dance like a loony in my lounge. I mean seriously – how much fun does this look!?

I hung out with old friends and new friends from Twitter and it was awesome! Two glasses of wine, a fab gift bag and one chocolate brownie later, I left with a happy tummy and an inspired mind. Thanks so much to Belinda and co at Stilletto Media for having us and I look forward to attending future GGDJHB events!

For more on the Girl Geek Dinners and details of the next event, check out their Twitter profile, Facebook page, the GGJHB blog or drop them an email.

See you at the next one? 😉

Just let it go …

Thank you to a REAL friend, who knows all the good and bad/happy and sad things about me, for sharing this with me.

Dear Soulful Girl,
From the time that we are young, we are confronted with the challenge of knowing how to deal with very good things happening to other people, but not necessarily to us, at least not those exact thing, and rarely at that exact time.
Jealousy is a vicious beast that can steal our own joy away, and we are best to put a stop to it just as soon as we become aware of those kinds of feelings welling up in our hearts.
You see, what we often do is compare our very worst parts to everyone else’s best parts in life, creating a situation that has no good ending. Comparing hardly ever has a good ending as a matter of fact.
A great tip for a happy life is to always be happy at other’s good fortune, young-looking genetics, or big breaks in life. Avoid comparing your situations, houses, husbands, diamonds, or jeans size with anyone else’s. Jealousy goes away when we practice gratitude for the blessings in our own life, and when we celebrate the blessings in other’s lives. There are not many acts of love greater than being genuinely happy to another’s good fortune when our own luck is down.
Be happy. Just decide. You are just right, and you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Thank you to The Brave Girls Club … the right message always seems to come through at the right time.

Moving forward…

This line, from Kelle Hampton’s most recent blog post, really struck a chord this morning:

You can’t effectively move forward in life unless you have those moments of letting yourself feel the darker side of reality once in a while. I do that, you know. Maybe not publicly every time, but I’m human (if you don’t count the unicorn gene). And even after those moments of pushing the bruise to feel the pain, I smile and think to myself… life is so very rich. Even with the challenges.

Suffering doesn’t have to be displayed publicly for it to be real. Some people suffer in silence, only revealing their hurts to those closest to them. Some choose to share their woes with the world. Either way, let us not judge how others express themselves.

And ALWAYS remember to be nice to people – because EVERYONE is working through some sort of battle and, just because they don’t broadcast it for all the world to see, it’s there and it’s real.