Some Luca-isms

For those of you who haven’t met Luca in person, you won’t know that he has a slight speech impediment, if you can call it that. He swaps a the hard “c” sound for a “t”. Well, he doesn’t swap it, per se, he can’t actually make a hard “c” sound.

So, his name is “Luta”, his brother is “Mita” and he calls the cat “Titty”. Yes, Titty.

Becks, aka "Titty"

Luca is a very logical and straightforward child. Calls a spade a spade. When playing games with his bath toys, he likes to introduce each character to the next, followed by a brief discussion around what they are all doing. Which is usually “going shops to buy nanas”. When you ask him what the car’s name is, he says (in a very matter of fact manner), “Tar!” (car), or “Fishy”. Like, DUH? Why would a car be called anything but “Car” or a fish be called anything other than “Fish”?

Red Train and Green Train (DUH!)

Despite this very simple approach to naming, Luca has one hell of an imagination and LOVES to play in his room with his Lego, trains, trucks and puzzles. He often sits for ages on his own, and we hear him chatting away and making up little scenarios. He does however, LOVE having someone with him in his room. Particularly new house guests or visitors. In fact, I guarantee that, should you come round to see us, Luca will (after sussing you out as potential play mate material) tell ask you to “Come play in my room!”


Bed and bath time with Luca, are pretty schizophrenic. One week he will be in a perfect routine of dinner, bath, half an hour of “Beebies” and then right off to bed without the slightest of hesitation. The next week he appears to dislike bath time more than the prospect of being fed nothing but Brussel sprouts for an entire month, and will scream blue murder until I eventually give up on bathing him all together. Then the next week, he’ll be BEGGING to get into the bath so he can “be a whale”. Go figure.

Being a whale ... in the pool.

Back to the slight speech impediment … Luca also struggles with “g” and “v”, occasionally swaps “b” for “d” and “th” becomes “fl”. So golf = bolf, video = bideo, jungle = jundle, thunder = flunder, bread = dread and so on. While we were on holiday, Luca came screaming into the lounge, searching for his “flip-flabs”. “Your WHAT?” I asked him, over and over again, while he repeatedly and increasingly frustratedly told me “MY FLIP-FLABS!” I gave up and ignored distracted him. Unimpressed, he gave me THE LOOK and stomped out of the room. A while later, he ran back in, waving his mini-putter and yelled, “LOOK MOMMY! MY FLIP-FLAB!”


“My bolf-tlab, ya!”

Wondering how much longer I’ll need to serve as a translator for my super-smart-but-not-so-eloquent-child 😉

Loves his "bolf-tlabs" ...

Luca says “Ya”, not “Yes”, “HUH?!” instead of “Pardon?” and has NO idea, unless prompted, that the magic word is PLEASE. But he’s an INCREDIBLY sensitive, generous and caring child, who takes time to think about what he wants to do and is very sure of himself. I cannot believe that in a few short months, my quirky, GORGEOUS and lovable little boy will be turning THREE!

Brothers on the big boy bed ...

He’s fast asleep in his big boy bed right now … hopefully he WON’T pull another 3am walk-around-the-house move … I’ve watched WAY too many scary movies with creepy sleepwalking kids!

Sleep tight!