@melindaconnor’s #newbabyboy – Layette List (Pse RT!)


I grabbed this list of essentials from Special Delivery, which also may be a good site for those of you not in Joburg, but would still like to get something.

Please comment on this post what you would like to give or buy for the Connor’s new baby boy, and I will update the post accordingly. You can also then scroll through the comments to see what has already been given. Sam, I’ll see you in a bit. Denita, see you at Sandton later this morning. Victoria, see you at M&B at 3:30. Andrea, see you tomorrow afternoon!

Also, is there anyone in Pretoria who perhaps works in Joburg who would be willing to bring some stuff through from that side of the world?

Compactum cushion
/Changing mat
  • Feeding chair (optional)
  • 1 cot mattress
1 cot duvet inner
1 cot bumper inner
  • 1 or 2 lift wedges
  • 1 cot waterproof mattress protector
Mobile for over compactum or cot
Laundry basket or bag
  • Diaper basket/caddie
  • Mozzie net (Optional)
Night light
Baby monitor (I have the Fisher Price monitor, but its not great!)
  • 2 x Change mat covers
2 cot fitted sheets
2 x Cot Bumper covers
1 sleeping sacs (optional)
2 baby blankets – DENITA LAWRENCE (1)
2 cellular blankets
  • 4 receiving blankets
Towelling nappies
Cot pillow (optional)
  • Baby bath (Optional)
Moulded seat for bath
Bath towels
Face cloths
Body wash and shampoo
  • Body lotion
Bum cream
  • Massage gel
Cotton wool (balls)
  • Aqueous cream
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Wet wipes
  • Disposable nappy sacks
Car seat
  • Carry cot/moses basket (optional)
Camp cot
  • Feeding chair (optional))
Baby on board signs
  • Car window covers
  • Disposable change mat
  • Bottle warmer bag
Travel food storage containers
Formula dispenser containers
Bottles and teats – DENITA LAWRENCE (6)
Dummy steriliser
Bottle steriliser (microwave or steam)
  • Electric bottle warmer
Bottle drying rack
  • Bottle and teat cleaner
  • Burp cloths
  • Baby nail clippers or safety scissors
Medicine dropper
  • Medicine kit
Baby CD’s
  • Bumbo seat (and tray optional)
Play gym or mat
  • Teethers and toys
  • 6 x Vests (preferably the bodysuit type. Long sleeved for winter babies, short sleeved for summer babies)
  • 6 x full babygros (for winter babies)
  • 6 x playsuits (for summer babies)
  • 3 x leggings
  • 6 x pairs of socks
  • 2 x beanies (for winter babies)
2 x sleep sacks (optional) – DENITA LAWRENCE
  • NB clothes – DENITA LAWRENCE
Let me know if I’ve left anything off of the list! And if you want to mail me to collect, do so at nixdave@telkomsa.net 🙂
As I was finishing up this post, a tweet came through from the lovely Sam Robinson, who has said that Huggies would like to give nappies for the new baba – thank you Sam!!!

17 thoughts on “@melindaconnor’s #newbabyboy – Layette List (Pse RT!)

  1. I have a cot bumper and lots of blankets, some spit cloths and some clothes!!

    If someone does respond about the PTA thing let me know otherwise I may give it to my MIL – she lives in Bryanston and maybe you could collect from her??

    • I’m in centurion and would be in Pretoria on Saturday and I work in Sandton, so I can pick up and arrange with Nicki for drop-off. I’ll email Nicki to get details and give her my contact details

  2. I am sending my driver this afternoon with blankets, a steam steraliser, a bouncy chair and a baby bath with stand as well as the hammock type bath seat 🙂

  3. I’ll go shopping at Sandton at lunchtime… which M&B? I can meet you there too.
    Planning on getting vests and a few clothes. Some toiletries. Formula container. I have a Avent bottle warmer at home if she needs it.

  4. I will get the following:
    * bottle warmer bag
    * Toys & teether
    * Blanket
    * face cloths
    * creams etc (you can never have enough hey)
    * socks
    * vests
    * formula dispenser tubs
    & whatever else i see i like…

  5. I have a Bumbo, a Donut, lots of blankies, and other paraphanelia – like baby toys/teethers, some bath towels that may need a bit of Vanish (!). I work in Woodmead – is this convenient for a pick up? Let me know! But tell mom I want lots of photos of this little daring in return!!!

  6. I’ve got lots of newborn clothes, vests and socks. I just need to sort through everything, so i will let you know when i’m ready 🙂

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